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Welcome to Plush Pram Furs!

We believe that every baby should have the opportunity to start life enjoying the natural benefits of sheepskin.

Sheepskins can help babies to settle very quickly so that they can get into a good feeding routine. Most babies can't regulate their own temperature from birth, especially preemie babies and sheepskins, typically, mediskins are super for helping little bodies to stay warm or cool as necessary.

We want all babies to own one, so we have ensured that we have prices for everyone. Our sheepskin pram liners start at just £25 because we know from experience that every penny counts when your baby arrives. 

At these prices, there is no need to buy second-hand, or worse to make do with a liner made from synthetic materials which irritate your baby's skin or cause them to over- heat.

For fretful babies, it is well know that mum's scent on the sheepskin can be very settling and comforting meaning that travel can be a reality with a little baby!

All the sheepskins we sell have been tested and are safe for use with babies. This is a UK company, based in the UK and all our sheepskin pram liners and faux fur pram hood trims are hand made here too!

Please drop us a line at sales@plushpramfurs.co.uk if you have any queries about any of the products we have on this site.

Plush Pram Furs

CONTACT DETAILS.  sales@plushpramfurs.co.uk